01- What is the highest salt lake in the world?
Paiyang Lake

02 – Which is the longest railway platform in India.
 Gorakhpur (Uttar Pradesh).

03- What is the intensity of earthquake waves measured by.

04- Which continent does not have any volcano?
Continent of australia

05- What is the difference between a longitude and how many minutes difference in real time.
04 minutes

06- Which country is called the country of Europe?

07- Who is the center of the Earth’s solar system, who first broke it.

08- What is the source of heavy water?

09- Who invented the dynamite?
Alfred Nobel

10- Who is the father of genetics?
Gregor Johann Mendel

11- How many atoms of magnesium are in the center of chlorophyll

12- Who is known in the name of Shaheed-e-Azam?
Bhagat Singh.

13- Which year did the Central Statistics Organization be established?
In 1951

14- Which year did the establishment of the Reserve Bank?
01 April, 1935

15- Number of States and Union Territories in India is as follows.
29 States and 07 Union Territories

16- Who determines the number of members of the Union Public Service Commission

17- Which state of India has the highest production of silk?

18- What is the city of fashion?

19-In which year Pluto’s planetary status was abolished?
24 August 2006

20- Who said the Vedas and returned?
Dayanand Saraswati

21- What is the name of the first woman to score double century in cricket?

22- Who is the father of most electrons?

23- Who is called white gold?

24- What is the largest unit of land on Earth?

25- Who is the Boston of India?