01- Udayagiri’s caves are located in Orissa.

02 – Sarnath Stupa is in Uttar Pradesh and Ratnagiri Stupa in Orissa.

03- The first Buddhist texts have been written in Pali language.

04- The texts of Jainism have been written in Prakrit language.

05- The neem cake of Kutubminar is kept by Kutubuddin Eviak.

06- Eltumishish completed the work of Qutub Minar.

07- The Ghulam dynasty was founded by Kutubuddin Aivak.

08 – Kutubuddin was killed by Evoque playing polo (Chaugan).

09- Arya Samaj was established in 1875 by Dayanand Saraswati in Bombay (Mumbai).

The Ramkrishna Mission was founded in 10- 1897 by Swami Vivekananda in Velur.

11- The name of Lord Vivekananda’s childhood was Narendra Dutt.

12- The Kuka movement was founded by Bhagat Jawaharlal. These are also known by the name of the Si’an Sahib.

13- Mangal Pandey started the revolt on March 24, 1857.

14- Bhimrao Ambedkar was born in Mau in Madhya Pradesh.

15- All India Kisan Sabha was established in 1936.

16- Chlorine is used in water purification.

17- The diver has a mixture of oxygen and helium gas in the cylinder to breathe.

18- Strasher gas genone (XE) is called.

19-iodine is the crucible.

20- India’s first speaking film is Alamara.

21- India’s standard time ahead of 05 hours and 30 minutes from greenwich mean time.

22- The earth takes about 365.25 days to circumambulate the Sun. For this reason a leap year comes in every four years. In which the number of days is 366.

There is a similar eclipse in the interval of 23- 18 years. It is called Saros duration.

24- The period of full moon from the new moon is called the Shukla party.