01- Nuclear fusion produces energy in the sun.

02- U-235 and U-239 make nuclear bombs.

03- The first iron metal, then the copper metal and later the metal used for bronze.

04- The city center associated with iron-state culture is Ahikchatra Varanasi, Kausambi, Srivasti and Ujjain.

05- According to the information received by Radiocarbon method, India’s oldest agricultural settlement was Mehrgarh. Which is presently in Balochistan.

06- Mohanjodado’s large bathhouse is the most important. Its length is 39 feet x wide 23 feet x depth is 08 feet.

07- By combining copper and zinc, brass is formed.

08- German silver is formed by combining copper, zinc and nickel.

09- Mixing copper and tin together makes bronze.

10- The childhood name of Gautama Buddha was Siddhartha.

11- Gautam Buddha was born in 563 BC in Lumbini (Nepal).

12- The residence of Gautam Buddha was known as Mahabinisvashan.

13- Gautam Buddha gave the first sermon in Sarnath.

14- Cobalt (Co-60) is used in the treatment of cancer.

15-I-131 is used in the treatment of thyroid cancer.

16- Sanchi Stupa is in Raisen district of Madhya Pradesh.

17- Chinese passenger Fahman came to India during the Maurya period.

18- Kautilya composed a book called economics.

19- The airplane flies in the stratosphere of the atmosphere.

20- Oxygen gas is helpful in burning.