01- When the ice melts then the snow melts.
Answer: The volume decreases.

02- In the article of the constitution, the constitution amendment procedure is mentioned.
Answer: Article 368

03- Which rights were removed from the category of Fundamental Rights by the 44th Amendment to the Constitution of India?
Answer: Right to Property

04- 52st Constitution Amendment Act 1985 related to.
Answer: Political Party-Change Law

05- In which year the 52th constitutional amendment banned political parties?
Answer: 1985

06- Which constitutional amendment has the provision of giving more importance to the principle of principles over the basic rights under any special circumstances.
Answer: 42nd

07- Article 25 relates to the Indian Constitution.
Answer: Right to religious freedom

08- Who is able to amend the Fundamental Rights?
Answer: Parliament

09- How many members can be nominated for the two Houses of the Parliament by the President.
Answer- 14

10- How many members are nominated by the President for the Rajya Sabha.
Answer- 12

11- Who is the Chief Commander of the country’s armed forces?
Answer: President

12- What is the President’s retirement age?
Answer: No limit

13- In India, the President has declared the status of financial emergency.
Answer: never

14- Independent India’s first President was of which state?

15- What is the name of two floating houses in Parliamentary structure in India?
Answer: Lok Sabha and Assembly

16- Is included in the Parliament.
Answer: President, Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

17 Who was the first president of Lok Sabha of independent India?
Answer: GVV Mavalankar

18- Which article gives the Parliament the right to make laws on matters of the state.
Answer: Article 249

19-The perception of the concurrent list of Indian Constitution is taken from which country’s constitution.
North: Australia

20- The rule of nomination of members of Rajya Sabha by the President has been taken from the constitution of the country.
Answer: Ireland

21- The order of the Supreme Court is taken from which country in the Indian Constitution?
Answer: United States of America

22- According to Article 75 (3) of the Constitution of India, the Council of Ministers is collectively responsible for whom.
Answer: Lok Sabha

23- Independent India’s first Council of Ministers, including the Prime Minister, how many members were there.
Answer: 36

24- Who chaired the meeting of Union Council of India?
Answer: Prime Minister

25- Who is capable of amending the fundamental rights?
Answer: Parliament