01- The Chief Minister is appointed by whom.
Answer: Governor

02- Judge of the district courts is appointed by whom.
Answer: Governor

03- What is the full name of the policy commission?
Answer: National Institute for Transforming India

04 – Which Article of the Indian Constitution provides for the election of the Legislative Assemblies of the State.
Answer: Article 170

05- The Assembly Speaker gives his resignation to whom.
Answer: VP of Legislative Assembly

06- In any assembly, no money bill can be submitted without whose permission it can not be submitted.
Answer: Governor

07- Which state has the lowest number of Legislative Council?
Answer: Jammu Kashmir (36)

08 – Under which article of Indian Constitution, the establishment or termination of the Legislative Council has been arranged.
Answer: Article 169

09- The structure or dissolution of the Legislative Council can be done in any state.
Answer: On the recommendation of the Governor by the Parliament

10- How many members of the Legislative Council are nominated by the Governor of the state.
Answer: 1/6

11- Which article of the Indian Constitution mentions the principle elements of the state.
Answer: Article 36-51

12- The order of the welfare state is given in the constitution.
Answer: Policy director elements

13- Which article principles of state policy director principles relate to international peace and security?
Answer: Article 51

14- In which year original duty was added to the constitution.
Answer: 1 9 76

15- Which is the southernmost destination of India’s south.
Answer: Indira Point

16- The place of India where Eastern Ghats and Western Ghats meet are called.
Answer: Cardamom’s hill

17- Which part of India is located in the Baron volcano
Answer: Andaman Islands

18- Asia and North America are separated by whom.
Answer: Bering Strait

19-Dobar connects water.
Answer: From the North Sea to the Atlantic Sea

20- Minimum possible heat.

21- At what temperature should be one in the readings Celsius and Fahrenheit heatpaders.
Answer: -40

22- Why are timber handles in metal caddy?
Answer: Wood is a good conductor of heat.

23- The cooker cooks quickly in the pressure cooker, because it is fast.
Answer: High pressure increases the boiling point of water.

24- Water is cold due to the action of the soil.
Answer: vaporization
25- Has maximum density of water.
Answer: 4 celsius