01- Sound waves are called as follow-up waves and mechanical waves.

02- Man can listen to sound waves from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz.

03- Jawaharlal Nehru wrote Glimpsem of World History, Discovery of India and an Autobiography.

04 – Lala Lajpat Ras was injured in opposing the Simon Commission, which led to her death.

05- Partition of Bengal happened in 1905. The announcement was made on 04 July, but it was implemented on October 16.

06- India’s first full indigenous original film was Raja Harishchandra.

07- Sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide gas are responsible for acid rain.

08- Atlantic Ocean is the second and the third largest Indian ocean in the ocean.

09- Average salinity in seawater is found in 34 to 35 per thousand.

10- The rise of jowar bhaat is due to the gravitational power of the sun and the moon.

11- Oceanic current is the flow of ocean water in a certain direction.

12- Gangotri has originated from Ganga river.

13- Yamuna is the main river of river Ganges.

14- Betwa, Kane and Chambal River is the tributary of river Yamuna.

15- Narmada river originates from Amarkantak.

16- The Tapti River originates from Multai district Betul Madhya Pradesh.

17- Vinegar contains 4 percent to 8 percent acetic acid.

18- India’s first National Park is the Carbet National Park.

19- The rate of work is called power.

20- The value of the escape velocity on the Moon is 1.9 K / S.