01- 75 Decibel sound is harmful to us.

02- 85 decibels sound deaf person.

03- 175 Decibel sound goes crazy to humans.

04- The remnants of oldest settlements based on agriculture are found in Mehergarh, in Baluchistan.

05- Grigger Mandal is considered to be the father of genetics.

06- Gold and diamond mines are most commonly found in South Africa.

07- America was discovered by Columbus.

08- Maize production in North America is the highest in the world.

09- The Andes Mountains are the world’s largest mountain ranges.

10- The world’s highest waterfall is Salto Angel.

11- The search for smallpox vaccine is by Edward Jenner.

12- The active volcano in India is in the Barinduweep (Andaman Nicobar).

13- The Gulf of Mannar is between India and Sri Lanka.

14- The Chairman of the National Development Council is the Prime Minister.

15- A horned rhinoceros are found in the Kangiranga sanctuary, which is famous for them.

16- Srinagar was founded by Emperor Ashoka.

17- Taxes are mentioned in the Rumimbadei record.

18 – Four lions standing on each side of the Sarnath palace and stand upside down.

19-The four-lion figure was taken in the form of a national symbol from the Sarnath temple.

20- The unit of radioactivity is curie.