01- The discovery of radioactivity by Henry Beckerl.

02- The production of Tabens is the largest in the world.

03- The scarring of red is the lowest, so when the sun rises or sinks, the sun appears red.

04- Hockey was included in the Olympics in 1928.

05- Banabhatta has composed Kadambari.

06- Greenwich time (0 degree longitude) is an international standard.

07 – The period of Amavasya from the full moon is called the Krishna Paksha.

08- Nitrogen and oxygen are called permanent elements of the atmosphere.

09- The digestion of starch is saliva in the body.

10- The world’s largest flower rafflesia.

11- There are 300 bones in the newborn. Whereas adult person has 206 bones.

12- Sun Temple of Konark is situated in Odisha.

13 – The second battle of Tarain occurred between Muhammad Gauri and Prithviraj in 1192.

14- The travelers of Morocco (Africa) traveled to India under the rule of Ibnbuttu Muhammad bin Tughluq.

15- Silver coins run by Iltutmish were called Taka.

The 16-pencil lead is made of graphed.

17- The first meeting of the Constituent Assembly took place on 09 December 1946.

18- Radium was discovered by Pierre and Madam Curie.

19-Rutherford discovered the atom, alpha ray, beta ray and gamma rays.

20- Inverter works to convert DC to AC.