01- What is a type of cytokinin hormone?
Answer: Plant hormones

02 – What is the number of elements in the second period of the periodic table.
Answer: 08

03- What catalyst is used in hydrogenation of vegetable oil.
Answer: nickel

04- What is dry ice?
Answer: Cholera carbon dioxide

05-Whose ore is bauxite.
Answer: aluminum

06- Radioactive elements emit whom.
Answer: alpha, beta, and gamma rays

07- Who had searched for heavy water?
Answer: H. C. Eure

08- What is the excellent gas used for the treatment of cancer.
Answer: Redan

09- What is the second name of chlorofluorocarbon carbon?
Answer: Freon

10- What is the reason for the red color of tomatoes?
Answer: Lycopene

11- White color of milk is due to its presence.
Answer: cassine

12- The sharpening of the radish is due to its appearance.
Answer: Isisignate

13- Which vitamin is related to the vitamins for the health of the eyes of the human eye.
Answer: Vitamin A

14- Which vitamins dissolve in water.
Answer: Vitamin B and C

15- Who is the Chairman of the Finance Commission?
Answer: President

16- Under which paragraph under the Indian Constitution, the formation of the Finance Commission has been reported.
Answer: Article 280

17- Who does appoint the Chief Election Commission of India?
Answer: President

18- The age limit of voting in India was reduced from 21 years to 18 years.
Answer: 1989

19- In the Indian article, the functions of the Chief Minister have been defined.
Answer: Article 167

20- What is the maximum number of members in a state assembly?
Answer: 500

21- The number of Legislative Council should be at least
Answer: 40

22- East Coast is another name of the field.
Answer: Coromandel Coastal Plains

23- There is a water body connecting the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
Answer: Gibraltar

24- The color of the carrot is orange due to its presence.
Answer: Carotene

25- The green color of potato is due to its appearance.
Answer: Solenin