01- How many elements are there in the fifth spiral of the modern periodic table.
Answer: 18

02- Nuclear Reactors contain the substance used as a vitiligo.
Answer: Heavy Water (D2O)

03- What was the major pollutant responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy?
Answer: Methyl isocyanate

04- The bones of the organ in the body are diminished due to lack of it.
Answer: Vitamin D

05 – Nilean is formed.
Answer: Polyamide

06- The cough is due to the presence of the cucumber.
Answer: Cooker Betesin

07- What is the abundance of vitamins in fish oil in fish.
Answer: Vitamin D

08- The human body has vitamins infections infections.
Answer: Vitamin A

09- Who has the right to decide the taxes of the states?
Answer: Finance Commission

10- Whose representative is in the governor’s state
Answer: President

11- When the Commission was formed.
Answer: 01 January 2015

12- The Ganpatiyati of the Legislative Council, how much is the total number of members.
Answer- 1/10

13- How many states of India are connected to the sea coast line.

14- The northern part of the west coast of India is known.
North-Konkan coast

15- The Think Tank of the Government of India, which has changed the scheme of non-practice.
Answer: Policy Commission