01 – Aryabhata was the first Indian astronomical expert.

02- Pulakeshin is the founder of the Chalukya dynasty.

03- Vitamin does not get energy.

04- Vitamin A is abundant in carrots.

05- The best source of vitamin C is citrus fruits.

06- The governor of a state does not have the power to adjourn the assembly.

07- Germany’s invasion of Poland was the immediate cause of World War II.

08- RAM is called memory of computer in general language.

09- Mercury falls at -39 C.

10- Alcohol-free at -115 C

11- The first citizen of India is called the President.

12- The first factory to manufacture diesel engines in the country was opened in Satara in Maharashtra in 1932.

13- Written by Edm Smith, The Wealth of Nation.

14- 1505 E. Francisco de Almeida became the first Portuguese Viceroy of India.

15- Gurunanak died in Kartarpur (present day Pakistan) in 1538 AD.

16- Warren Hastings, the governor of Bengal in 1781 AD, established the first Madarsa for the development of Muslim education in Calcutta.

17- India’s first newspaper, The Bengali Gazette, was done by James Augustus Hickey in 1780 AD.

18- The transmission, convection and radiation of transmission of heat.

19- The agricultural year in India is considered from 01 July to 30 June.

20- Punjab state is the most irrigated (about 97.8 percent) and Mizoram is the most uneven state (about 92.7 percent).