01- India’s longest tunnel is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir.

02- Anthracite is the best kind of coal.

03- The words of socialist, secular and integrity were added in the introduction of the Constitution by 42nd amendment.

04- Zero and decimal are invented in India.

05 – Asa given the initiation by Upgupta, Ashoka adopted Buddhism.

06- The number of Upanishads is 108.

07- The shape of a bull on the seals of the Harappa civilization is found.

08- There are 1017 Sukta and 10 Mandals in Rig Veda.

09- Rig Veda is considered to be the oldest Vedas.

10- AC is replaced by rectifier in DC.

11- The name of India is Hindustan Pada, due to Hinduism being pronounced by the Persians in Sindhu.

12- The huge grain garnet found in Mohanjodado is the largest building in it. Its length is 150 feet and width is 50 feet.

13- The largest unit of distance is parsek.

14- The unit of claim is Pascal and Bar.

15- The unit of frequency is measured in Hertz.

16- The longest river in the world is Nile River.

17- The election of one-third Rajya Sabha members happens every two years.

18- Nathula Pass is in Sikkim.

19- India’s terrestrial border is 15200 kilometers.

20- Width of Broad Gauge railway line is 1.676 meter wide.