Where is the cave of Udayagiri located?

Where is the Ratnagiri stupa located.

The language of Jainism is written in what language.

Who laid the foundation of the Kutub Minar and who made the full construction.

The count of the Legislative Council, how much is the total number of members.

Who is the Sarosha period?

Who says the Shukla party?

The energy in the Sun arises due to which action.

The first metal used in the beginning of metals

What is the oldest agricultural settlement in India?

What is the measurement of the length, breadth and depth of the spacious bathhouse that was discovered in Mohenjodado.

How many states of India are connected to the sea coast line.

The northern part of India’s west coast is known.

Think Tank of the Government of India which has changed the scheme.

When did Mangal Pandey launch the rebellion?

What is the abundance of vitamins in fish oil in fish oil?

The human body has vitamins infections infections.

Who has the right to decide the taxes of the states.

The Governor is the representative of the state.

When the Policy Commission was formed.

When was the All India Kisan Sabha established?

Which is used in water purification.

What is the type of iodine?

How far ahead of India is Greenwich Mean.

How many years do leap years come in.

The brass is made up of

What is made of copper, zinc and nickel?

What is made of copper and tin?

Gautam Buddha is born in the present day

Where did Gautam Buddha give the first sermon?

Mahabainisashtana is associated with the incident of Gautam Buddha.

Which is used in the treatment of thyroid cancer

Chinese traveler phahman came to India during what period

Which plane of the atmosphere flies in the airplane.

Where is the Lingaraj Temple?

Who is considered the inventor of Sitar?

Which year was the first Indian newspaper published?

Who is the father of modern Hindi literature?

In which districts Chauri Chaura happened?

What is the King of Chemical

What is the chemical name of acid?

February is always the year of 29 days.

What is called the action of reflecting the sun rises from the Earth.

Dobson is the unit of measuring.

What is a type of enzyme?

Under the Indian Constitution, in which article is the formation of the Finance Commission?

Who does appoint the Chief Election Commission of India?

The age limit of voting in India was reduced from 21 years to 18 years.

In the Indian article, the functions of the Chief Minister have been defined.

The maximum number of members in a state assembly can be.

The number of legislative council should be at least

East Coast is another name for the field.

The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are the water reservoirs.

Which is the smallest obstetric gangtey.

Is energy free in the respiratory process.

What is the high saltwater ocean?

What is the largest country in terms of area in terms of area?

Which is the highest peak of South India.

The year in which the tiger project was started

Which districts of Madhya Pradesh have a diamond mine?

The country’s first railway line was laid between the places.

Who is the Chairman of the Finance Commission?

The color of the carrot is orange due to its presence.

The green color of potato is due to its presence.

How many elements are there in the fifth spiral of the modern periodic table.

In nuclear reactors, there is a substance used as a vitiligo.

Which was the main polluter responsible for the Bhopal gas tragedy.

In children, the bones of the organisms become deficient.

Nilean is formed.

The cough is due to its presence.

In which year census has been started for 10 consecutive years.

Which article gives the President the power to declare an emergency?

What is a type of cytokinin hormone?

What is the number of elements in the second period of the periodic table.

Which catalyst is used in hydrogenation of vegetable oil.

Who says dry ice?

Whose ore is the bauxite.

The radioactive elements emit whom.

Who had searched for heavy water?

What is the superior gas used for the treatment of cancer.

What is the second name of chlorofluorocarbon carbon?

What is the reason for the red color of tomatoes?

White color of milk is due to its presence.

The root of the radish is due to its appearance.

Which vitamin is related to the vitamin to control the health of the human eye

Which vitamins dissolve in water.