01- Humayun’s death was due to fall from the library stairs.

02- The Portuguese citizen Vasco Da Gama first came to India on the port of Calicut.

03 – Surdas was the disciple of Vallabhacharya.

04 – Surdas composed the Surasagar.

05- Tulsidas is the author of Ramcharitmanas.

06-yard which is a measuring unit. Developed by Todarmal.

07-23 April 1919 the incident of Saliyabag occurred.

08- Dandi travel was done from Sabarmati to Dandi Coast (Gujarat) on March 12, 1930.

09- Victoria Memorial of Calcutta, designed by Sir William Emerson.

10- The origin of the planets was first introduced by Cantt.

11- Mercury and Venus have no satellite.

12- Copernicus has given the central principle of the sun.

13- Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system.

14- Venus is the hottest and brightest planet in the Solar System.

15- 180 longitude lines are called international date lines.

16- Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world.

17- Tropical monsoon is the climate found in India and Southeast Asia.

18- Polar climate is also called tundra type of climate.

19- About 01 percent water is potable on the earth.

20- New Zealand and Australia are the main producing country of wool.