01 – The Suez Canal connects the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea.

02 – Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of the horizon.

03- The highest mountain peak in the world is Mount Everest (8848 meters).

04- The origin of the river Indus from Kailash Mountain.

05- Jute production is highest in the world in India.

06- India is the fifth largest rail system in the world.

07- The highway NH-7 is the tallest route from Varanasi to Kanyakumari in India.

08- Indian Postal Department got recognition in 1854 as an institution.

09- In the function of the digestive system, the enzyme acts to digest food.

10- A enzyme called Tylen is found in saliva.

11- Pallonary vein takes pure blood from the lungs to the heart.

12- The depth of the ocean-measuring machine is the phadometer.

13- Nitrogen 78 percent in oxygen, 21 percent oxygen and another 01 percent is available.

14- The production of heavy water in the country is done in Nangal and Narora.

15- Viruses have small mothers, measles, poles, rabies, flu.

16- Aristotle is said to be the father of animal science.

17- Aristotle wrote a book titled Birth History.

18- The longest railroad in the world is Trans-Siberia (Russia). Its length is 9438 kilometers. Which connects Vladivostok from St. Petersburg.

19- Sound trends do the lowest in solids, less in the matter and the lowest in the gases.

20- Most of the gypsum is produced in Rajasthan in India.