01- In India, the city of lakes is called Udaipur.

02- Education Day is celebrated on November 11.

03- Louis Voicemail discovered the vaccine of rabies.

04- Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin.

05- Sreedharan is called Metrophorus in India.

06 – Nuclear bomb works on nuclear fission theory.

07- Joint session of the Parliament is called by the President.

08- Nationalization of banks was done in 1969.

09- Forests on 19 percent of India’s land area.

10- Nobel Prize for Economics started from 1969.

11- 86th Constitutional amendment made fundamental rights for children from 06 years to 14 years of age.

12- Panchayati Raj system was implemented by the 73rd Amendment Constitution.

13- The Canadian sea front is the largest in the world.

14- Fundamental duty, taken from the US Constitution.

15- China’s terrestrial border is the largest in the world.

16- The world’s smallest continent is Australia.

17- India’s highest waterfall is Jog or Garsoppa in Karnataka.

18- The world’s largest population is in China.

19- The lowest population in the world is in Vatican City.

20- Gold mine in India is in Kolar (Karnataka).