01- There are 12 schedules in the Indian Constitution.

02- In 1896 Vande Mataram was first sung in the Congress convention.

03- The theory of relativity was given by Albert Einstein.

04- The objects that rotate between Mars and Jupiter planets are called the Shudra Planet.

05- On the equator the earth is equal to day and night.

06- Milk is the largest producer of milk in the world.

07- Rabies or Hydrophobia Disease is caused by a mad dog bite.

08 – Sardar Sarovar Dam is built on the river Narmada.

09- Blue revolution started to promote fisheries.

Rabi crops are cultivated between October-December to October.

11- Forest Research Institute is located in Dehradun.

12- Elisa test is done to identify AIDS.

13- Sachchidananda Sinha, the temporary president of the Constituent Assembly was elected.

14- In the constitution, citizens have the right to have 06 original rights.

15- India House was founded by Shyamji Krishna Verma in London.

16- Helium gas is in the balloon flying balloon.

17- Radioactive elements emit alpha, beta and gamma rays.

18- Money is charged on alpha rays.

19- Beta rays are charged on beta rays.

20- There is no charge on gamma rays.