01- Radioactive sodium is used to measure the flow of blood flow.

02- Greek, Chandragupta was called Sandrochottas.

03- Ambassador of Seleucus Magathnese came to Chandragupta Maurya only.

04- Magathnese wrote a book named Indica.

05- 260 BC. Ashok won the Kalinga war.

06- The bones of camels have been found from Kalibangan.

07- Silver is also used in Indus Civilization.

08- Natwar Jha was written in Vedic Glossary on Indus Seals in 1997.

09- In the Harappan civilization, the fiery Selkhedi (soft stone) was made.

10- The parent of the linear system of measuring cardamom is considered.

11- Found in Tokha Navdatoli made from Taben.

12- Silver is the largest driver of heat.

13- Diamond is the largest coolant of heat.

14- Number of work joules.

15- Unit of force is Newton which is dens in the CGS method.

16- Unit of power unit and horse power is HP.

17- The unit of distance is light year, astronomical unit and parsec.

18- The Egyptian civilization was located on the banks of the Nile.

19- Sound, matter or solids are needed to move the sound.

20- The sound does not move in vacuum.