01- How long can a minister, who is elected without a member of the assembly, remain in office for a long time?
Answer: 06 months

02- How many states of India have the Legislative Council.

03- How many years the members of Legislative Council are elected.
Answer: 06 years

04 – How many members of the Legislative Council of the state are elected by the Assembly.
Answer- 1/3

05- State Policy Director’s Principles have been adopted in the Indian Constitution.
North-from Ireland

06- What is the purpose of incorporating elements of state policy director elements in the Constitution.
Answer: The establishment of social and economic democracy

07- What is the main reason for incorporating policy directional principles in the Constitution of India?
Answer: To establish welfare state

08- Who has recommended the basic duties of citizens?
Answer: Sovereign Singh

09- Builds the longest terrain boundary with India.
North- bangladesh

10- Which state is surrounded by Bangladesh on 3rd side?
Answer: Tripura

11- The tunnel originating from the Strait connects the UK to France.
Answer: Dobar Strait

12- Which straight is near the International Date Line.
Answer: Bering Strait

13- In the extreme winter, the water pipelines burst on the hills, why is that?
Answer: The water in the pipe fails when it is freezing.

14- Calvin Mann is the common heat of the human body.
Answer: 310

15- Water is cold due to the action of the soil.
Answer: vaporization

16th – The 97th Constitution Amendment Act of 2012 relates to the subject.
Answer: By the formation and activity of co-operative societies

17- Which amendment of the Constitution has emanated the rights of property to the right of rights.
Answer: 44th Amendment

18- What fundamental duties of citizens were included in the Indian Constitution by which amendment?
Answer: 42nd Amendment

19- Which amendment in the amendment of the Indian Constitution limits the size of the Central Circle?
Answer: 91st Amendment

20- Most of the provisions of the Indian Constitution can be amended.
Answer: By the Parliament alone