01- The famous Kirtistabha has been constructed in Chittod.
Answer: Rana Kumbha

02- What is the process of preparing food for trees and plants?
Answer: Photosynthesiser

03- Phloem is mainly responsible for plants.
Answer: For Diet Carriage

04- There is a molecular weight of heavy water.
Answer- 20

05 – Citric acid is freely in what happens.
Answer: Lemon

06- Which is used to connect broken bones.
Answer: Plaster of Paris

07-Who is the inventor of penicillin.
Answer: Alcanger Fleming

08- Which polymer is used to make bullet proof material?
Answer: Pali carbonate

09- The cause of bitter gourd is the reason.
Answer: Mammodic coside

10- The red color of chilli is due to its appearance.
Answer: Capsethen

11- Which cobalt is found in vitamin
Answer: Vitamin B12

12- Vitamin D is the chemical name.

13- Which Election Commission of India has made its birth anniversary in 2010?
Answer: Golden Jubilee

14- When was the first time EVM machine was used in Indian election?

15- India’s Chief Election Commissioner holds his position.
Answer: For 06 years or 65 years of age, whichever is earlier.

16- The money bill in the state legislature can be submitted with prior permission.
Answer: The Governor of the State

17- The actual executive powers of the state are used by whom.
Answer: Chief Minister

18- Who is the governor of Indian states?
Answer: President

19- The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible for whom.
Answer: Assembly

20- Who appoints the Deputy Chairman of the Policy Commission?
Answer: Prime Minister