Important for Railway, Police and SSC –

01- When the ice melts then the snow melts. Answer: The volume decreases. 02- In the article of the constitution, the constitution amendment procedure is mentioned. Answer: Article 368 03- Which rights were removed from […]

Very Important Question Paper Collection- 1

Very Important Question Paper Collection – 01-10 01- In the constitutional union, there has been a ban on the practice of any state. Answer: By the 16th Amendment Act, 1963 of the Constitution 02- The […]

Important Facts Collection-9

01- The filament of electric bulge is made of tungsten. 02- The tone of tungsten is 3500 degree C. 03- CFL full name is a compact fluorescent lamp. 04- Electric current is the unit ampere. […]

Important facts collection-8

01- The discovery of radioactivity by Henry Beckerl. 02- The production of Tabens is the largest in the world. 03- The scarring of red is the lowest, so when the sun rises or sinks, the […]

Important facts collection-7

01- 75 Decibel sound is harmful to us. 02- 85 decibels sound deaf person. 03- 175 Decibel sound goes crazy to humans. 04- The remnants of oldest settlements based on agriculture are found in Mehergarh, […]

Key facts collection-6

01- The line that separates India and Pakistan from the border is called the Red Cliff line. 02- India has more than 1200 species of birds. 03- Vitamin A increases WBC (white blood cells) in […]

Key facts collection-5

01- India’s longest tunnel is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 02- Anthracite is the best kind of coal. 03- The words of socialist, secular and integrity were added in the introduction of the […]