Key facts collection-6

01- The line that separates India and Pakistan from the border is called the Red Cliff line. 02- India has more than 1200 species of birds. 03- Vitamin A increases WBC (white blood cells) in […]

Key facts collection-5

01- India’s longest tunnel is in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. 02- Anthracite is the best kind of coal. 03- The words of socialist, secular and integrity were added in the introduction of the […]

Key facts collection-4

01- Main crop of Harappan civilization was wheat and barley. 02- Residues of horses are found from Surakotada. 03- Residents of Indus Civilization first cultivate cotton. 04- First of all, Harappan was discovered in the […]

Important Facts Collection -3

01- Venus is called the twin sister of the planet. 02- Guru Teg Bahadur was killed by Orangzeb. 03- Gurujaruddin was murdered by Jahangir. 04- Gulbadan Begum composed the Humayunama. 05- Kumaragupta established Nalanda University. […]

Important Facts Collection -2

01- Density of ice is less than water. 02- Lymphocytes protects us from disease. 03- Monocytes do the work of filling the wound. 04 – A lack of WBC (white blood cells) leads to AIDS […]