Important Facts Collection-1

01- Sound waves are called as follow-up waves and mechanical waves. 02- Man can listen to sound waves from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. 03- Jawaharlal Nehru wrote Glimpsem of World History, Discovery of India […]

Specially for you-

01- How long can a minister, who is elected without a member of the assembly, remain in office for a long time? Answer: 06 months 02- How many states of India have the Legislative Council. […]

Specially for you-

01- The famous Kirtistabha has been constructed in Chittod. Answer: Rana Kumbha 02- What is the process of preparing food for trees and plants? Answer: Photosynthesiser 03- Phloem is mainly responsible for plants. Answer: For […]

Special Info 2019 – 8

01- Radioactive sodium is used to measure the flow of blood flow. 02- Greek, Chandragupta was called Sandrochottas. 03- Ambassador of Seleucus Magathnese came to Chandragupta Maurya only. 04- Magathnese wrote a book named Indica. […]

Special Info 2019 – 7

01- The city of seven hills is called Rome. 02 – Radium is discovered by Pierre and Madam Curie. 03- Thailand is called the country of white elephants. 04- Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru were […]