Very Important Question Paper Collection – 01-10

01- In the constitutional union, there has been a ban on the practice of any state.
Answer: By the 16th Amendment Act, 1963 of the Constitution

02- The abolition of untouchability in Indian Constitution is related.
Answer: Article 17

03- In the fundamental right, B R R Ambedkar named the soul of the Constitution.
Answer: Right to Constitutional Remedies

04- Who is capable of amending the fundamental rights?
Answer: Parliament

05- The process of refining salt water in pure water is called.
Answer: The osmosis

06- Natural rubber whose polymer is.
Answer: Isoprine

07- The collection of sodium metal is done in which to immerse.
Answer: Kerosene

08- The color of papaya is the reason for yellowing.
Answer: Caricenzenthin

09- What is the chemical name of Vitamin C?
Answer: ascorbic acid

10- The main cause of night blindness is due to the lack of vitamins.
Answer: Vitamin A

Very Important Question Paper Collection – 11-20

11-A Vitamin A does not dissolve in fat.
Answer: Vitamin B

12- Central Agency is the main agency for settlement of financial disputes between states.
Answer: Finance Commission

13- Who was the Chairman of the First Finance Commission?
Answer: K. C. Niyogi

14- Which Article of Indian Constitution describes the Election Commission?
Answer: Article 324

15- According to the law made by the Parliament in December 1989, the legal age of a citizen is to be an adult.
Answer: 18 years

16- The service condition of the commissioner and the term determines the tenure.
Answer: Constitution

17 Who was the first woman governor of independent India?
Answer: Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

18- Ordinance issued by the Governor without the approval of the State Legislature is applicable for how long.
Answer: 06 weeks

19- Who is the appointment of the Lieutenant Governor.
Answer: President

20- No Bill Amount Bill Or No Who does this in the state?
Answer: Assembly Speaker

21- What is the basis of assembly elections in India?
Answer: adult suffrage

22- Minimum age should be for being a member of the Legislative Council.
Answer: 30 years

23- Which article of Indian Constitution includes the original duty of Indian citizens?
Answer: Article 51 (a)

24- Which water body is parallel to the International Date Line.
Answer: Bering Treaty

25- Which treaty separates Europe from Africa?
Answer: Gibraltar Treaty